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What is the difference between these two. I know Boxing is converting primitive values to reference. What is widening. Also what should be the sequence first boxing should be done or widening should be done?

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Widening is transforming a variable in another with a wider type.
Widening can be done with primitive or reference types.

For example :

String -> Object
int -> long

As the JLS states :

a boxing conversion (§5.1.7) [is] optionally followed by a widening reference conversion

Resources :

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  1. Widening wins over boxing and var-args
  2. Boxing wins over var-args
  3. Widening of reference variable depends on inheritance(so, Integer cannot be widened to Long. But, Integer widened to Number).
  4. Widen and boxing is not possible
  5. Boxing and widening is possible
  6. var-args can be combined with either boxing or widening
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Widening is when assign byte to int. i.e. you are widening the data type.

Sequence must be boxing then widening.

You CANNOT widen then box (int cannot be Long).

You CAN box then widen (int can become Object via Integer)

Note: Highlighted words are from Sun Certified Java Programmer SCJP 6 - Kathy Sierra

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  • Widening beats boxing eg. go(int) will call go(long) instead of go(Integer) if both are available
  • Widening beats var-args eg go(byte,byte) will call go(int,int) instead of go(byte...x) method.
  • Boxing beats var-args eg go(byte,byte) will call go(Byte,Byte) instead of go(byte...x) method.
  • widening depends on inheritance tree. Eg. go(dog) can call go(Animal)
  • primitive wrapper widening is not possible so go(Short) cannot call go(Integer) since they are not in the same inheritance hierarchy .
  • You CANNOT widen and then box. Eg. go(int) cannot call go(Long) since to call go(Long) the compiler need to convert int to Integer then Integer to Long which is not possible.(rule mentioned above)
  • You can box and then widen. Eg. An int can boxed to Integer and then widen to Object
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