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I was wondering why this works:


os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'mysite.settings'

but this doesn't?


os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'mysite.settings'

I thought that adding the django folder would automatically make all projects/folders in it available to python? But apparantly I have to add the project as well, or it gives me the error 'settings not found'.

Notice that it doesn't say 'mysite.settings not found' which would indicate it does find my 'mysite' folder..

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What exactly do this works and this doesn't mean ? – Tomasz Zielinski Oct 22 '10 at 10:31
this works = the mysite/ is found and parsed. – Oli Oct 22 '10 at 11:11
doesn't work= ImportError: Could not import settings 'mysite.settings' – Oli Oct 22 '10 at 11:12

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Maybe if in your you have an import to a module that's inside the mysite directory, this import fails and that's why you get the ImportError.

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