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I may be missing something here because I thought this might be really easy but...

Using Flex, how can you tell when a ComboBox is open? I do find the open and close events that this component dispatches can be flaky so I'm looking for something a little more solid - it's probably staring me in the face.

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How about checking either the existence or the visibility of the dropDown component?

The dropDown is a component of type ListBase, and can be accessed through the dropDown property. So maybe something like this (I didn't have time to test this myself):

if (myComboBox.dropDown != null && myComboBox.dropDown.visible) {
    // myComboBox is open

The myComboBox.dropDown != null is a safety check so you will not get runtime errors trying to access the visible property of a null object.

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The designers probably thought it was enough with the open and close events.

EDIT: I'll clarify that. Looking for a property that would reveal the opened/closed status of the combobox I fail to find it. And to my experience there's nothing flaky about the event system.

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Maybe I need to clarify - the event system isn't flaky, but the close event that is supposed to be broadcast whenever the combobox is closed does not dispatch in every situation. – onekidney Dec 30 '08 at 16:11
Well, that's flaky =) And a bit strange. – PEZ Dec 30 '08 at 19:02

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