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i'm using jquery + swfupload - the problem: when displaying a jQuery dialog, the swfupload-button always is on top and is overlapping the dialog window. i've already tried increasing the z-index of the dialog but didn't help. any ideas how to fix it?


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Please set button_window_mode property to transparent

button_window_mode: "transparent",

This problem was solved

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Have you tried to make the button position relative when setting the z-index?

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the button is part of my gui, so the gui + the button have position:absolute - is there an issue about it with swfupload? – Fuxi Oct 22 '10 at 11:49
If you have position:absolute you should be allright.. I have had this problem myself, just dont remember how I solved it.. :\ Have you tried setting z-index and position on the swfupload object also? – femseks Oct 22 '10 at 12:50

I had a similar problem, a jquery button was on top of a popup menu no matter what z-index I set the menu to. Changing position:relative solved it, thanks.

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Just use button_window_mode: "transparent", then in syles add z-index to class .swfupload (lower then your popup has)

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