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I'm trying to make it possible to access/upload documents to Alfresco using shared drive, i.e. CIFS. The server runs on Windows.

I'm able to ping the server like ping themachine-a, so I guess the CIFS is up and running in Alfresco. But I'm unable to sign-in at \alfrescomachine\; the dialog window appears but no credentials are 'good enough':
themachine-a\admin, admin
\admin, admin

I'd like to use Alfresco user accounts, therefore I tried setting the authenticator to type="alfresco" in both ../extension/file-server-custom.xml or ../web-inf/classes/alfresco/file-servers.xml. Also I set logging to debug for everything under 'CIFS server debugging' in log4j.properties. All with no luck... I would expect to see something in the output console or in the logs.

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So it happens to be a 2yr old bug. (The link also contains a workaround.)

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