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On my webpage I have images that function as checkboxes (image switch and set hidden form property value). It works in every browser except IE6. Does anybody have a clue what is causing this problem?

The code:

    function flip(element) { 
      var formElement = document.getElementById(element + "Form");
      var imgElement = document.getElementById(element);
      if (formElement.value == 1) { 
       formElement.value = 0;
       imgElement.src = "images/"+element+".png";
      } else {
       formElement.value = 1;
       imgElement.src = "images/"+element+"2.png";

and html example:

<input type="hidden" id="inteligencaForm" name="inteligenca" value="0">
<img id="inteligenca" src="images/inteligenca.png" class="pngfix" onClick="flip('inteligenca')">
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Your code looks like it'll work properly. The error is probably coming from the pngfix you're using.

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it was a combination of pngfix and getElementByID bug. –  Null Oct 22 '10 at 13:09
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What does it do? Nothing?

Try: <img id="inteligenca" src="images/inteligenca.png" class="pngfix" onClick="flip('inteligenca'); event.returnValue=false; return false;">

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If I am not mistaken, getElementByID is broken on IE <8 and it is confusing the name="inteligenca" in your input with id="inteligenca" in image.

Try removing "name" from the "input"

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I just confirmed this in a test, remove the "name" from input and it works fine in IE6 –  Jamie Treworgy Oct 22 '10 at 13:04
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