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I have a Enum for example...

    public enum TypeIdentifier {
        	NotSet = 0,
        	Type1= 1,
        	Type2= 2,
        	Type3= 3,
        	Type4= 4,
        	Type5= 5

public class CommonObject

TypeIdentifier myTypeIdentifier {get; set;}

I have a WPF UserControl that has a generalized object binding.I have a common object that is used three times,masked as 5 different UserControls (member use varies).

I need to include hidden the value say TypeIdentifier.Type1 in UserControl One.How can I do this.I just need the object member to be set to TypeIdentifier.Type1 what ever control in the UserControl it is.The thing is that I can't directly reference the enum above in my user control project..:-( Any help?

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If you can't reference the enum, then you'll have to use ints and Enum.Parse(), probably hidden in a ValueConverter.

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Thanks for the tip I'm managing to work something out. –  abmv Dec 30 '08 at 8:53

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