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I'm currently investigating OAuth 2.0 Service Provider solutions for .NET (I appreciate that 2.0 isn't a complete spec).

What libraries are people currently aware of, other than DotNetOpenAuth ?

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DotNetOAuth has OAuth2 support


Azure ACS also supports OAuth 2.0. Azure ACS is also Free


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StackID is an OpenID provider implemented for the Stack Exchange network, built on top of dotNetOpenAuth. code.google.com/p/stackid/

Client Library

Another option is to use the code for oAuth 2.0 from the Facebook SDK for C#.

Oh, another commonly forgotten one is the Google API C# Library with oAuth 2.0.

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I'm building my own. DOAP. May not be perfect but none of the others I found worked for me.

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thanks. I finally decided on dotnetopenauth CTP and finally got that working. –  jamie Nov 11 '10 at 13:40

I wrote one that was current as of revision 15. Not all flows are implemented but it's a good start.


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Try Oauth.net from Madgex : http://lab.madgex.com/oauth-net/ They provides examples of consumer and simple provider and enables Common Service Locator (you can plug in your favorite IoC framework).

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thanks, but as far as i can see they only support OAuth 1.0a currently. –  jamie Oct 28 '10 at 6:49

Microsoft has shipped an OWIN middleware set which allows you to have basic OAuth functionalities such as setting up an OAuth server + OAuth bearer token authentication.


Dominick Baier (a.k.a @leastprivilege) has some great posts on OAuth which use these components:

You can also find the sample on Katana Project source code which uses these components: Katana.Sandbox.WebServer

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I used an Oauth lib for javascript that I got from http://code.google.com/p/oauth/.

Worked well for me. They also have in C# (not sure if is the same you mention in your question) in the same link.

It is the only one I know unfortunately.

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The question was about an OAuth server, the link you provided is to an OAuth client. –  Erik Schierboom Dec 21 '12 at 13:41

oauth.io says they'll release a .Net SDK Real Soon Now. I'm interested in oauth.io because they support so many login providers, targeting SDK to many development platforms, offer a dead simple log in approach, open source including some basic server code.

Article documenting .Net SDK availability

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OAuth.io is not a library. It's a paid service. –  JDB Aug 11 at 15:53

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