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I got a problem when I put 2 instances of FckEditor to a page in dotnetnuke. sometimes, I got empty text when I call the text property.

Anyone helps?

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Which version of DotNetNuke? What version of the FCKeditor provider are you running? –  notandy Mar 2 '09 at 18:28

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The empty Text property is usually caused by having the editor in an update panel (either explicitly or by turning on partial rendering for that control definition).

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No, I didn't put it in an update panel and the partial rendering was also disabled. –  Jerome Chen Dec 31 '08 at 5:38

I think we'll need more info than what you gave to figure it out. Give us some example code please.

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For those using the FCKEditor on their dotnetnuke sites, I recommend updating to the latest version, it fixes a number of problems including multiple instances on the same page. (something you will need for the latest news articles). Source

Download the latest version of the FCKeditor provider.

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