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I'm using JEditable and trying to populate a select based on a variable. I need a way to pass a variable from my page back through the JQuery to dynamically create the select.


    type: 'select',
    loadurl: 'tools.php?mode=get_districts_json',
    submit: 'OK',
    event: 'dblclick'

The HTML that I use is generated by PHP:

<div class="dblclick_province" id="freq_id">Province</div>
<div class="dblclick_district" id="freq_id">District</div>

I'd like to be able to somehow pass the value of province through the dblclick event of District, since the Districts available depend on which Province is selected.

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First thing two elements on the same page cannot have same id. In your case both div are having same id ie freq_id so it should be changed.

You can have html as below -

<div class="dblclick_province" id="province_id">Province</div>
<div class="dblclick_district" id="district_id">District</div>

Then write the below code in your js file. It uses jquery's dbclick event.

  $('#district_id').dblclick(function() {
    var province_value = $('#province_id').html();
   // write you code here in which you want to process province value.
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