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I have been trying to use UrlRewriter (Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.dll) in a test project.

My rewrite statement is as in the following:

<rewrite url="~/Sample/(.+)" to="~/Sample.aspx?Test=$1"/>

This statement works great for a URL like:


or, let's say:


And, I can retrieve the value "12345" in Sample.aspx file as:

Label1.Text = "Test: " + Request.QueryString["Test"];

And when I hit the root link, it successfully displays the Default.aspx:

http://localhost:4188/RewriteTest/ or http://RewriteTest.com/

What I want to accomplish is taking the "Sample" off the regex statement, so that I can directly hit http://RewriteTest.com/12345 and display Sample.aspx by retrieving "12345" value. And, when the root is hit http://RewriteTest.com/ it will simply display Default.aspx as it is now.

Is it possible? Can the regex statement be updated to something else for this purpose?

Thank you,


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If your ID code is always going to be 5 digit number then you could have clamped the regex to that:

<rewrite url="^~/([\d]{5})$" to="~/Sample.aspx?Test=$1"/>

Or a variable length number:

<rewrite url="^~/([\d]+)$" to="~/Sample.aspx?Test=$1"/>
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Following link helped me out to fix my own issue:


Just wanted to share it with the community incase someone would fall into the same situation.

Thank you!

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