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I am very new to MVC and I have a Model like this

User :

FirstName : TextBox
LastName : TexBox
User Commitee : [CheckBox Textbox] [CheckBox Textbox] [CheckBox Textbox]

I store if user is in committee in a separate table.I need to insert selected check box value and related text box to database.How can I achieve this ? Can this be possible with using EditorTemplate ?


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Have a look at this answer here. It is the same as what you're looking for with the check boxes being bound to a child collection.

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Thanks Steve for quick reply.In my case I want to store value of Textbox next to checkbox if checkbox is selected .Textbox contains expiration date.In example above stackoverflow.com/questions/3938023/… it is just using checkbox right ? –  Mathew Oct 22 '10 at 16:40
You are correct. But the same technique still applies and will work for you. In the other example, there is a property bound to the checkbox. You simply need a property that you bind to the textbox as well. –  Steve Michelotti Oct 22 '10 at 16:42

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