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I have this HTML code:

  <:script type="text/javascript":>
   function GetDoc(x)
    return x.document ||
           x.contentDocument ||

   function DoStuff()
    var fr = document.all["myframe"];
    while(fr.ariaBusy) { }
    var doc = GetDoc(fr);
    if (doc == document)
  <:iframe id="myframe" src="http://google.com" width="100%" height="100%" onload="DoStuff()" :> <:/iframe:><:/body:><:/html:>

Note that, I replaced every '<' with '<:' and '>' with ':>'.

The problem is that I get message "Bad". That mean that the document of iframe is not got correctly, and what is actualy returned by GetDoc function is the parent document.

I would be thankful, if you told where I do my mistake. (I want to get document hosted in IFrame.)

Thank you.

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You should be able to access the document in the IFRAME using the following code:


However, you will not be able to do this if the page in the frame is loaded from a different domain (such as google.com). THis is because of the browser's Same Origin Policy.

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Huh? That will return either undefined (most browsers) or the document that the <iframe> element is in (IE), which is precisely the problem the OP wants to fix. –  Tim Down Oct 22 '10 at 17:30
Oops, I guess that's what I get for not testing it first :-/. I just edited it to add the contentWindow reference. –  pkaeding Oct 22 '10 at 18:34
note that iframe.contentDocument == iframe.contentWindow.document –  destan Sep 28 '13 at 14:14

The problem is that in IE (which is what I presume you're testing in), the <iframe> element has a document property that refers to the document containing the iframe, and this is getting used before the contentDocument or contentWindow.document properties. What you need is:

function GetDoc(x) {
    return x.contentDocument || x.contentWindow.document;

Also, document.all is not available in all browsers and is non-standard. Use document.getElementById() instead.

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Ok.Now it works fine. Thank you. –  user175908 Oct 22 '10 at 17:15

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