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What is Drill-up, Drill-down and Drill- through in SSRS. Any steps how to implement in SSRS means in report wizard.

Thanks in Advance.

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I don't think there is a concept Drill-up. The Drill-Through in SSRS is a technique where you want to link a one report (Master Report) to other report. In a real worl reporting if some one want to see the Salary Slip (SalarySlip report) of an employee from employee list (EmployeeList) Report, Then there should be a link on employee Name where pop up of salary slip report displayed on cliking. For further detail see the following link for drill through

for drill down see the following link

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There is a concept of drill up, although the name isn't very fitting. Once you drill down in a report, you need a way to get back up to where you were. That is the concept of drilling up. – Ryan M Mar 8 '12 at 16:19

There is no concept like Drill-Up in SSRS... Below are the links which explain step-by-step approach for drill down and drill through..

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