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I have a rails app I am trying to run under passenger 3 standalone:

passenger start -a -p 3001 -d

Ive installed this with rvm

cd myapp

rvm use 1.9.2

gem install passenger --pre

I want to set environment variables for my app but can't figure out how and where to set them. I just need to source my .profile which has all my environment variables. How do I do it?

passenger 3: ruby 1.9.2 rails 3 rvm head

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You can start passenger with variables like this:

VARONE=value VARTWO=value passenger start -a -p 3001 -d
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$ passenger start --help Usage: passenger start [directory] [options] Starts Phusion Passenger Standalone and serve one or more Ruby web applications.

Options: ... -e, --environment ENV Framework environment (default: development) ...

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