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Set an object, with some data.

var blah = {};
blah._a = {};
blah._a._something = '123';

Then wish to try and access, how would I go about doing this correctly?

var anItem = 'a';
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The bracket notation should look like this:

var anItem = 'a';

You can test it here (note that I replaced _glw with blah in the demo to match the original object).

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Not sure I understand the question, but here are some basics.

var foo = {};

// These two statements do the same thing = 'a';
foo['bar'] = 'a';

// So if you need to dynamically access a property
var property = 'bar';
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var obj = {};
obj.anotherObj = {};
obj.anotherObj._property = 1;
var item = '_property';
// the following lines produces the same output
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