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I am attempting to utilize the USPS API to do some address verification/validation.

I'm sending this XML to

<AddressValidateRequest%20USERID="xxxxx"><Address ID="0"><Address1></Address1><Address2>6406 Ivy Lane</Address2><City>Greenbelt</City><State>MD</State><Zip5></Zip5><Zip4></Zip4></Address></AddressValidateRequest>

This is the same XML that is shown in their documentation for test requests. However, I always get an HTML (instead of XML) response that is a 501 Not Implmented error. Anyone familiar with this API know what might be going on? I'm using curl (in php) to make the request

UPDATE: When I make the request by typing the url into a browser with get params, it seems to work fine, but i get the error mentioned above using php/curl or just curl from the command line.

UPDATE: If I use file_get_contents with the url, I get a 400 bad request error - but if i urlencode, it works great - solution accepted.

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If you have any more problems, Greggory, I'll be happy to assist. I work for a company called SmartyStreets where we validate addresses as well, using official USPS data. The USPS API, while not bad per-se, is not necessarily robust for the task, and the USPS' business core is not delivering high-quality APIs. While I may be biased toward our own API (LiveAddress), I might suggest you seek for yourself other free alternatives if you need more performance and something easier to use. – Matt Feb 6 '12 at 20:03
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Not familiar with the API, but:

Do you need the %20 after AddressValidateRequest? Does it work when that is replaced by a space?

Also, do you need to use CURL? Could you just use fopen() or file_get_contents() and then use the GET parameters which you mention work OK?

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The XML shown is identical to what the USPS documentation shows with the %20 only in that one position. However, I have tried replacing it with a space AND replacing all spaces with %20. I'll give the file_get_contents method a shot first chance I get and report back. Thanks! – gregghz Oct 23 '10 at 19:14
When using file_get_contents, I get a 400 Bad Request error. – gregghz Oct 25 '10 at 15:48
Scratch that. file_get_contents works (when I urlencode >.<) This is good enough for me! Thanks! – gregghz Oct 25 '10 at 15:55

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