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I need to write a method that takes a .gif image file as input and converts it to a 32x32 .png file. The only way I found to do this in Cocoa would be using the representationUsingType:properties: method of NsBitmapImageRep but unfortunatley I cannot use this method because it is not supported by cocotron (an open source API that implements the Cocoa API for Windows) and I need to use this method in a cross platform app. Can anyone suggest another way to do this conversion with Cocotron.

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Abdulah your revision was not helpful, I am just looking for another way to implement this in Cocoa that does not require the method I listed above which is why the title refers to Cocoa. The community on this forum that uses Cocoa is vast and the community that uses cocotron may be less then 10 people so this question would almost certainly have never been answered with your revision. –  Mike2012 Oct 26 '10 at 16:52
I doubt that there's another Cocoa solutions. There are other non-Cocoa solutions, such as ImageIO and QuickTime. Using QuickTime would be somewhat cross-platform, but I doubt you'll be able to stay within Cocotron. –  JWWalker Oct 26 '10 at 22:06

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