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Does anyone have a good example of a boostrapper class I can see for reference..

I can't seem to find one anywhere, searched google but no luck.

Searched the helpfile and no luck..

Any help really appreciated

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If you are searching for a class that that configures the container at the beggining of an application, you can download the latest Prism drop and look for the UnityBootstrapper class.

Take into account that this is only registering the necessary services for a Prism application to run, so your bootstrapper will probably require a different container configuration.

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You can find another example in the WPF:MVVM & Unity Kiosk sample project. Here the Bootsrapper class:

public class Bootstrapper
    public Bootstrapper(IUnityContainer container)
        this.container = container;
    public Bootstrapper RegisterModule(Type moduleType)
        IModule module = container.Resolve(moduleType) as IModule;
        if (module == null)
            throw new ArgumentException("moduleType");
        return this;
    private IUnityContainer container;

And the IModule interface:

public interface IModule
    void Register(IUnityContainer container);

Finally, One of the implemented Modules:

public class PhotoEditorModule : IModule
    public void Register(IUnityContainer container)
        // register default controller
        container.RegisterType<IPhotoEditor, Controller>();
        // register view models
        container.RegisterType<IPhotoEditorViewModel, PhotoEditorViewModel>();
        container.RegisterType<IPhotoEditorMenuViewModel, PhotoEditorMenuViewModel>();
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