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I have two methods that are identical. one is

    public void ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(Window w, int amount)
        if (internals.DwmIsCompositionEnabled())
            WindowInteropHelper wi = new WindowInteropHelper(w);
            internals.DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(wi.Handle, new internals.MARGINS(amount));

and the other is

public void ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(this Window w,int amount)
            this.ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(w, amount);

One of them is an extension method and the other one is not. This however, results in an error "This call is ambiguous"

How would I work around this?

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Does it compile? Extensions methods must be static... – BrunoLM Oct 22 '10 at 23:32
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Extension methods should be static.

public static class XExtender
    public static void A(this X x)
public class X
    public void A(X x)


Extension methods should have a static class and a static method.

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I believe this is just a typo - won't compile without the static modifier. – Daniel Brückner Oct 22 '10 at 23:48
I just wonder: An extension method will never be called if it has the same signature as a method defined in the type: (General Guidelines), so whats the point? – Nick Martyshchenko Oct 22 '10 at 23:55

According to C# Version 3.0 Specification, the search order is:

  • instance method in the type definition
  • extension method in the current namespace
  • extension method in the current namespace’s parents namespaces
  • extension method in the other namespaces imported by “using”

So how you declared your methods and where?

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I think the error is not caused by the extension method.

First, an extension method

public static void ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(this Window w, int amount) { }

(by the way, you missed the static modifier) would be ambiguous with a instance method

public void ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(int amount) { }

declared in the class Window but not with a instance method

public void ExtendFrameIntoClientArea(Window w, int amount) { }

no matter in what class it is declared. Further - as far as I remember - instance methods take precedence over extension method - so they should never be ambiguous with extension methods. I suggest to have a look at the error message again and verify that you are looking at the right methods.

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