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I have django Final and I am using Python 2.7

In my setting, I have 'sqlite3' filled for the DATABASE_ENGINE. I am able to work with the sqlite3 (at the level of djano manage.py shell) until I am told that I need to access

python manage.py dbshell

At first I got the error "sqlite3 is not recognized...." Then I read threads and I found that this can be solved by downloading the exe file and set the environment variable path on Windows (I am on XP Pro)

I used this approach instead http://groups.google.com/group/django-users/msg/cf0665c227030ae2?

Now when I access python manage.py dbshell, I am getting

C:\Documents and Settings\JohnWong\workspace\mysite\mysite>python
manage.py dbsh
sqlite3: Error: too many options: "Settings\JohnWong\workspace\mysite

Use -help for a list of options.

I tried with --database=name_of_my_db and still no luck

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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The asker answered his own question here.

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The root problem (still there in django 1.3.1) is that the code that execs the sqlite3 client doesn't deal with spaces in the sqlite db pathname. I added some quotes as follows:


class DatabaseClient(BaseDatabaseClient):
        executable_name = 'sqlite3'

        def runshell(self):
            args = [self.executable_name,
                    '"' + self.connection.settings_dict['NAME'] + '"'] # JA HACK 
            if os.name == 'nt':
                sys.exit(os.system(" ".join(args)))
                os.execvp(self.executable_name, args)

and it now works for me (only tested Windows - os.name 'nt').

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