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I have a model called "user" and a controller for "user" with an action "login".

The controller is empty right now as I'm simply testing the page, however, going to www.mysite.com/user/login redirects me automatically to www.mysite.com/user*s*/login and then says that the users controller does not exist.

I know it doesn't exist but I'm not TRYING to access the page, why is it redirecting me there?

I also have a /user/register page which works fine.

function login()


Is this due to some form of cakephp's built in functionality?

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You should always have


Because your models are always pluralized. Remember, you should have:

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it's for this code in the app_controller.php:

 class AppController extends Controller
      var $components = array('Auth');

you "should" have login() function.

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