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How can i draw a box in css? I want a box like the green one used to display the number of answers to a question in stackoverflow?

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height: 150px; /*Specify Height*/
width:  150px; /*Specify Width*/
border: 1px solid black; /*Add 1px solid border, use any color you want*/
background-color: green; /*Add a background color to the box*/
text-align:center; /*Align the text to the center*/

HTML: <div class="answerbox">4 <br /> Answers</div>

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Use Firebug and the "Inspect" function; point at the answer box here on SO and rip the HTML and CSS from the Firebug console.

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Thanks for that tip :) – Chris Serra Dec 30 '08 at 15:03

Use any element – e.g. a div, make sure it's displayed as a block-level element (i.e. display: block) and give it a border.

.box { border: 1px solid #088; font-size: 4em; }

<div class="box">6</div>

Works well.

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this page:

was the first page found by doing a Google search for "css box"

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You can also use the AIS Accessibility Toolbar - - to expose the css used for the site amongst a whole host of other stuff.

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