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There is some code written using C# which uses RijndaelManaged class to encrypt data and
Mode = CipherMode.CBC
I need implement the equivalent code in Mac using OpenSSl.
What is the equivalent to RijndaelManaged in OpenSSl?

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RijndaelManaged is just a .NET implementation of the Rijndael algorithm. Rijndael is the algorithm that was chosen for AES, but AES doesn't use all of the key lengths that are possible with Rijndael (AES is a subset of Rijndael).

If the keys that your code uses with RijndaelManaged are also valid AES keys you can just use OpenSSL's AES functionality; otherwise I'm not sure ... but I'd advise you to stick to the AES subset of Rijndael because that's what everyone else does and it will help you to achieve interoperability.

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