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I'm finding a way pausing program execution by code on Xcode As an example, I can stop execution with abort() C function. This pops Xcode debugger up.

However, this exits program completely, so I'm finding a way to pause execution. So I can resume execution after checking execution states.

This is required for handling light-weight errors. I tried pause() C function, but it doesn't work. The execution aborted instead of pausing.

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If you want to be able to break on a specific function whenever there's an error, then define a function like so:

void BREAK_HERE_Eonil(void) {
    NSLog(@"Set a breakpoint on BREAK_HERE_Eonil to debug.\n");

Call BREAK_HERE_Eonil() whenever you would like to enter the debugger. Set a breakpoint on BREAK_HERE_Eonil() in Xcode. Now, run under the debugger. Whenever you hit this function, you'll break into the debugger.

You might also be able to use the old Debugger() call; Xcode has an option under the Run menu to "Stop on Debugger()/DebugStr()".

You can also just run your app under the debugger and hit the big pause button in the debugger window whenever you want to break in.

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Brilliant technique! Thanks for answer! – Eonil Oct 23 '10 at 8:22

Another method I often use in iOS programming is to include a breakpoint in an if statement. Like so:

if (your_condition) {

   //put an Xcode breakpoint here


That way I can conditionally call breakpoints in loops and other places that get called too often to have an unconditional breakpoint.

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