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i need to do a frameset with HTML and I'm seeing that vertical scroll doesn't show on IE8, but it works perfect in Firefox.

Why vertical scroll doesn't work on IE? what can I do for do it works like in Firefox?

The code is this:

<frameset rows="121,*" cols="*" framespacing="3" frameborder="yes" border="3" bordercolor="#009933">
  <frame src="arriba.html" name="topFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize >

  <frameset rows="*" cols="135,*" framespacing="3" frameborder="yes" border="3" bordercolor="#009933">
    <frame src="izquierda.html" name="leftFrame" scrolling="YES" noresize>
    <frame src="centro.html" name="mainFrame" scrolling="YES" noresize>

the scrolling="yes" from izquierda.html and cenhtro.html doesn't work.

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IE8 has problems with scrolling="yes". Use css instead, applied to the body tag of centro.html and izquierda.html:

<style type="text/css">
body  {
  overflow: scroll;
  /* In IE and CSS 3 you can even use these: */
  overflow-x: scroll;  /* Horizontal */
  overflow-y: scroll;  /* Vertical */


I think I don't need to add that you shouldn't be using a frame layout at all.

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it works!!! thanks!!! –  AndroidUser99 Oct 23 '10 at 11:38

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