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In the winAPI, how do I change the window background colour?

For example,

wc.hbrBackground = ....;

is for setting the window background initially, but how do I change it there after?


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Use the SetClassLongPtr function with the GCLP_HBRBACKGROUND argument:

SetClassLongPtr(windowHandle, GCLP_HBRBACKGROUND, brushHandle);


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Be wary of using the technique described by PigBen. It will change the background color for all instances of that window class, unless they implement WM_PAINT/WM_ERASBKGND that overrides the windows' default background.

I would make the extra effort of implementing WM_ERASEBKGND for your window, and draw the background explicitly. That way you have full control of the background color, and you can have different colors in different window instances.

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Thankyou, but this solution is less practical for my project, as I will only have one instance of each class. –  Alexander Rafferty Oct 23 '10 at 23:33

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