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I am using onClick event for the image.

When I am disable for the particular case, I didn't know exactly how can disable the onClick functionality using JavaScript.

Sample code:

    <a onClick="fun()">
        <html:img src="/caleder.jpg ... />

calling fun:

function fun() {
    // in fun I want to disable the img and onClick functionality
    // i.e when I click that img, then it can't perform the onClick event.
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The best way IMO.

function fun() 
    if (this.clicked == undefined)
        this.clicked = true;
        // have fun
    return false;
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The probably most efficient way since it removes the event listener:

  function fun(node) {

Inside of the onClick() you need to place a this so it would be onClick(this)

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I usually just set a variable and put the events in the onClick handler inside a conditional statement. Set the variable on the first click, and next time it won't fire.

  var i = 0;
  function clickHandle(){
       //do stuff
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