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i already have json this,

    mainUpdates:[{id:'1', inner:[{mid:'11',sub_domain:'a'},{mid:'12',sub_domain:'b'}]},
                 {id:'2', inner:[{mid:'21', sub_domain:'c'},{mid:'22',sub_domain:'d'}]} 

now i want add new values with its name(property) dynamically to the existing my json object. using javascrit... i want the exactly answer is look like

    mainUpdates:[{id:'1', inner:[{mid:'11',sub_domain:'a'},{mid:'12',sub_domain:'b'}]},
                 {id:'2', inner:[{mid:'21',sub_domain:'c'},{mid:'22',sub_domain:'d'}]}, 
                 {id:'3', inner:[{mid:'31',sub_domain:'e'},{mid:'22', sub_domain:'f'}]} 

how i do

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You can manipulate your update object directly something like this:

   inner:[{mid:'31',sub_domain:'e'},{mid:'22', sub_domain:'f'}]
updates.msgCount = 3;

updates.mainUpdates is just a JavaScript array so you can add new objects to it using the push method. updates.msgCount is just a property so can be modified directly.

It might be better to encapsulate this kind of change in a helper method that keeps the msgCount in synch with the array (assuming that is what it is there for).

function addToUpdates(updates, newItem) {
   updates.msgCount = updates.mainUpdates.length;
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Use jQuery extend function (Merge the contents of two or more objects together into the first object.):

Example: Merge two objects, modifying the first.

var object1 = {
  apple: 0,
  banana: {weight: 52, price: 100},
  cherry: 97
var object2 = {
  banana: {price: 200},
  durian: 100

$.extend(object1, object2);


object1 === {apple: 0, banana: {price: 200}, cherry: 97, durian: 100}

Your msgCount field is redundant, as you can use update.mainUpdates.length

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Helped me, loved it more if you've given in plain js – VKGS Apr 3 '13 at 13:10

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