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I am trying to do something that should be simple, but think I am just not seeing the answer.

I have a List with several strings.

I would like to bind it to a DevExpress DXGrid.

It appears that the grid is showing the correct number of row, but not displaying my text.

I am using the MVVm patern and have seperated my ViewModel and View.

Thanks for the help.

Here is the XAML code:

     <dxg:GridControl Grid.Row="0" DataSource="{Binding Path=ErrorLog}"  >
            <dxg:GridColumn Header="Error Log" AllowEditing="False" />
            <dxg:TableView  NewItemRowPosition="None" />

Here is the View Model Code:

private List<string> _errorLog;
public List<string> ErrorLog
  get { return _errorLog; }
    _errorLog = value;
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You didn't specify what the column should display, so it's not displaying anything...

<dxg:GridColumn Header="Error Log" AllowEditing="False" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding}" />

(note that there is not path for the binding: the column is bound to the string itself, not a member of the string)

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Hi Thomas, that's where i went off the reservation. Thanks. –  SetiSeeker Oct 23 '10 at 14:53

that doesn't work.. use this instead

<dxg:GridColumn Header="Value">
    <Binding Path="RowData.Row"/>
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