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Here is a sample project on github: http://github.com/ripper234/Test-grails-project

I would like to capture the latest revision, and send a link to it to someone, so that even if the project changes later he will see the specific revision I was talking about. I guess forking could do that, but it's overkill.

How do I do that?

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I'm not too familiar with GitHub (I use Gitorious myself), but it seems like the "tree" link on the upper-right does the job.

In this case: http://github.com/ripper234/Test-grails-project/tree/37f3478cc8fc56c0e9d932a3f096c7286ecb37de

EDIT: Alternatively, you could try asking in #github in irc.freenode.org - here's their web IRC client: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#github

UPDATE 2014-08-14:

GitHub have changed their interface, so now, to access a single file or directory:

  • While browsing directories: Click on the "latest commit <refid>" link at the top of the file list, and then "Browse code" in the blue area near the top.
  • While viewing a file: Click on "History" and then on the "<>" button next to the refid to get a link.
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I can't find the tree link in the modern github interface; but if you type y the page will redirect to the perma link. See help.github.com/articles/getting-permanent-links-to-files –  Brian Tingle Aug 7 at 12:29
@BrianTingle: Updated my answer with the changes. Thanks for the heads-up! –  Tim Čas Aug 14 at 13:12

let's say you would like that the someone you send this link

has to work on the resulting code of this commit.

he would do this:

  • git clone git://github.com/ripper234/Test-grails-project.git
  • cd Test-grails-project
  • git checkout c3110a562339a20eaa4c99e
  • git branch c3110a562339a20eaa4c99e

now the user has a branch with the code of the mentioned commit.

does this answer your question? -> not sure if I understood it right...

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