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I am trying to automatically load an image full screen after the application is launched but it looks just a little bit funky. The outside edge of the image view can be seen - how do I eliminate that? My code looks like this:

- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)aNotification {

    NSImage *imageFromBundle = [NSImage imageNamed:@"Screen.png"];
    [image setImage:imageFromBundle];

    [image enterFullScreenMode:[window screen] withOptions:nil];

Here is the Image: alt text

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Please edit your question to include a screenshot. –  Peter Hosey Oct 23 '10 at 17:04

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Set your image view's border to none before you take it full screen. If you want, change it back when coming back from full screen, or use a separate image view for full-screen.

Also, you should name your variables more descriptively. A variable named “image” should contain a pointer to an image, not to an image view. Consider it naming imageView instead.

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