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I've got class A wrapped with method foo implemented using %extend:

class A { ... %extend { void foo() { self->foo_impl(); } }

Now I want to increase ref count to an A inside foo_impl, but I only got A* (as self).

Question: how can I write/wrap function foo, so that I have an access both to A* and underlying PyObject*?

Thank you

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There can be more than one underlying PyObject pointing to the same C++ object. You can get a PyObject (example) but it won't be the PyObject. – Flexo Apr 2 '12 at 13:40

I think it's not possible. If you need to increase the refcount, it's because you don't want the C++ object to be destroyed when it goes out of scope because there is a pointer to that object elsewhere. In that case, look at using the DISOWN typemap to ensure the target language doesn't think it "owns" the C++ object, so it won't get destroyed.

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