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So I've run into a snag, apparently the get_events method is only "included" with the ExtenderControl class.

What I need to do:

Be able to call the get_events Javascript method using a ScriptControl since using an ExtenderControl isn't really possible at this point.

I am hoping there is an easy way to have the scriptControl's javascript object inherit from something (If that's even possible).

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Turns out the get_events method is really simple to create. You just need a field to hold a dictionary, a couple lines of code, and something to call the event if needed:

getEvents: function() 
    if (this._events == null) 
        this._events = new Sys.EventHandlerList();

    return this._events;

And now for access:

onItemSelected: function(args)
   this.raiseEvent('userItemSelected', args);

raiseEvent: function(eventName, eventArgs)
    var handler = this.getEvents().getHandler(eventName);
        handler(this._autoComplete, eventArgs);


Basically events is just a dictionary that holds the name of the event and the reference to the method to call. Once you have the method (handler), it's just a matter of calling it.

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