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I am using the Image::MetaData::JPEG module to read an image's header information. I have the following:

my @files = </dir/*jpg>;

for (@files) {

my $image = new Image::MetaData::JPEG( $_ ) or die $!;
print $image . "\n"; 

This returns "Image::MetaData::JPEG=HASH(0x189b218)".

I've read through the module but how do I actually get the header info in a usable format?

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Minor OT style note: "new Image::MetaData::JPEG($_)" is better written as "Image::MetaData::JPEG->new($_)", the indirect object notation is frowned upon. "new" isn't an operator in Perl, it is simply a class method. –  mu is too short Oct 23 '10 at 22:41

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print $image prints the representation of the object along with its Hash address.

Read the documentation to see what you need.

Try print $file->get_description();

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@ginius, no idea about that. For my original question I just googled it for you. The documentation is there, try to read it. –  eumiro Oct 24 '10 at 7:35

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