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Ok, this is a really weird one.

I'm sending Latitude/Longitude to Emulator running my App and its getting the wrong Coordinates !!! Everything I send (either via DDMS using GPX file, DDMS Manual, or telnet and using geo fix command), gets received, but when I print the latitude/longitude points received by the app, there are off by just a little bit (well a few hundred yards to where I was aiming for).

Discovered this because I've always tested my app on a PC, but recently purchased a Mac. So I'm going through my standard tests, using the GPX file with lat/long points that I always used on the PC, and the app is showing the wrong location.

Example: I send this: geo fix geo fix -72.74 41.74 And in my app, onLocationChanged, location.toString() says this: Location[mProvider=gps,mTime=1287892837000,mLatitude=41.74016776666667,mLongitude=-72.74533443333333,mHasAltitude=false,mAltitude=0.0,mHasSpeed=false,mSpeed=0.0,mHasBearing=false,mBearing=0.0,mHasAccuracy=false,mAccuracy=0.0,mExtras=Bundle[mParcelledData.dataSize=4]]

I mean what the heck?? Tested with Google Maps also, and if I select myLocation, it goes to the same wacky coordinates instead of the actual ones I sent.

Looks like some weird math or conversion issue, since the numbers are close, but not exact.

Again, this all works fine on the PC, meaning, on the PC it gets the exact coordinates that I send. For the Emulator I created an avd using AVD manager, WVGA854, Google API Level 8.

Running on new MacBook pro, and new Eclipse Helios install and new install of Android SDK.

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+1 I'm having the same problem on PC. See Emulator receives wrong GPS coordinates when playing KML in DDMS – Jonas Nov 28 '10 at 17:55

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This seems like the bug in DDMS .

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