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I have two simple queries

select sum(deb)-sum(cre) as result1 from CXC where id='22731999' 

select sum(deb)-sum(cre) as result2 from CXC where id='22731999' and tipo='IM'

the difference is the where, for example the first query results in 769686 and the second in 3469, what I have to do, to see the result of the two queries in one result?

result1  result2
769686   3469

I tried

select sum(C.deb)-sum(C.cre) as Result1 from CXC C where'22731999'
select sum(X.deb)-sum(X.cre) as Result2 from CXC X where'22731999' and .tipo='IM'

but this is not what I want because it results in 2 rows


I must say that I used this query under an ODBC bridge to connect Cobol files, the driver is tooo old.. so the sql is quite basic.. I have this limitation :(

the name of the driver is Relational DataBridge for RM Cobol

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SELECT SUM(t.deb) - SUM(t.cre) as result1,
       (SELECT SUM(x.deb) - SUM(x.cre) 
          FROM CXC x
         WHERE =
           AND x.tipo = 'IM') AS result2
 WHERE = '22731999' get:

result1  result2
769686   3469
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I think of it like this... union puts queries on top of each other. joins put queries next to each other.

What I do in this situation is this...

SELECT result1, result2 FROM
  (select sum(deb)-sum(cre) as result1, id from CXC where id='22731999' ) query1
(select sum(deb)-sum(cre) as result2, id from CXC where id='22731999' and tipo='IM') query2
 ON =

To simplify what's going on here, just pretend that query1 is a table, and query2 is a table

select result1, result2 
from query1
join query2 on =

Hope this helps.

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Try a self join. It would be something like this:

select sum(C.deb)-sum(C.cre) as Result1, sum(X.deb)-sum(X.cre) as Result2
from CXC C, CXC X
where'22731999' and'22731999' and .tipo='IM'

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whell this query doent fails.. but the result is too different. – user485387 Oct 24 '10 at 1:55
probably has a cartesian product. Might need to add the primary key to the where clause (ex. = – skimobear Oct 24 '10 at 3:13

Give this a try

SELECT max(Result1) as Result1, max(Result2) as Result2
    select sum(C.deb)-sum(C.cre) as Result1, null as Result2
    from CXC C where'22731999'
    select null as Result1, sum(X.deb)-sum(X.cre) as Result2 
    from CXC X where'22731999' and .tipo='IM'
    ) x
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