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I have our own MIB files, and I know in many cases, I have to write snmp agent to support my own MIB.

But this time, I think if I can make jboss snmp adapter(JBossSNMPAdapter) to support my MIB, it will be much easier. So that, through jboss snmp adapter, I can query by its oid. I know JBossSNMPAdapter already suppport MIB-II.

I wonder if jboss snmp adapter can suppport user defined MIB so that user can query by oid? And how to configure? Are there some materials about this (jboss snmp adapter)?

Thanks a lot

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Yes, this is quite straightforward to do.

Inside the snmp-agent.sar directory, you'll see a file called attributes.xml. This file associates SNMP OIDs with JMX attributes.

So for each item in your MIB, you need to expose that information via a JMX MBean, and then add the OID->JMX association to attributes.xml.

The agent itself neither knows nor cares about your MIB, so you need to be careful to specify the OIDs in attributes.xml properly.

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skaffman, thanks for your help! :-)It makes me understand the mechanism well. It seems I will need to find out how to expose that information via a JMX MBean. –  zhaojing Oct 25 '10 at 6:01
skaffman, thanks again for your help. your information is very valuable to me. With your help, I solved the problem, yes, snmp-adapter can be extended just follow your way. You are very helpful :-) –  zhaojing Oct 28 '10 at 2:06

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