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I have kind of a lazy form that has two textboxes. When I click a button I basically concatenate the two textboxes with a delimiter. Is there like a special delimiter that cannot actually be typed in an html textbox, even if the &#xxx; syntax is used?

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Why concatenate? How about using JSON?

A simple and safe concatenation format would be

<length of the first string> <space> <first string> <second string>

For example

'abcd' + 'foo' => '4 abcdfoo'
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Natural extension to an arbitrary number of strings: 4 abcd 3 foo 3 bar. But I'd still go with JSON if I had to string-encode complex data (if you can call an array complex). – Thilo Oct 24 '10 at 3:30
This is more or less what I want. I have to look into JSON now. Thanks. – Shawn Oct 24 '10 at 3:52

No, if you want to disallow characters you'll have to add some sort of javascript to prevent them being entered. Or just remove them from each field before joining.

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Anything can be typed into a textfield, which is why it is so important to sanitize all user input.

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