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I'm using the google adwords api, I can retrieve all campaigns, group ads, ads, but I have no idea on how to retrieve keywords related to an "group ads". In the google adwords interface, when we select a group ads, we have two tabs, one for ads related to that group ads, and the second for keywords. but programatily, right now I can only retrieve ads. I'm using PHP, if some one knew how to do that in php or others programming languages or even a soap call.

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In the Adwords API Keywords are dubbed as AdGroup Criteria. You can add or retrieve the keywords for a certain AdGroup by using the AdGroupCriterionService.

If you're using the PHP client library of the Adwords API check out GetAllAdGroupCriteria.php in the example files. (don't forget to enter the AdGroupId you want to get the keywords for first)

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To get the details of all the keywords of an adgroup you need the following to get the details of all the keywords.

require_once dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/init.php';

// Enter parameters required by the code example.
$adGroupId = 'Enter your adgroup id';

 * Runs the example.
 * @param AdWordsUser $user the user to run the example with
 * @param string $adGroupId the id of the parent ad group
function GetKeywordsExample(AdWordsUser $user, $adGroupId) {
  // Get the service, which loads the required classes.
  $adGroupCriterionService =
      $user->GetService('AdGroupCriterionService', ADWORDS_VERSION);

  // Create selector.
  $selector = new Selector();
  $selector->fields = array('KeywordText', 'KeywordMatchType', 'Id');
  $selector->ordering[] = new OrderBy('KeywordText', 'ASCENDING');

  // Create predicates.
  $selector->predicates[] = new Predicate('AdGroupId', 'IN', array($adGroupId));
  $selector->predicates[] =
      new Predicate('CriteriaType', 'IN', array('KEYWORD'));

  // Create paging controls.
  $selector->paging = new Paging(0, AdWordsConstants::RECOMMENDED_PAGE_SIZE);

  do {
    // Make the get request.
    $page = $adGroupCriterionService->get($selector);

    // Display results.
    if (isset($page->entries)) {
      foreach ($page->entries as $adGroupCriterion) {
      printf("Keyword with text '%s', match type '%s', and ID '%s' was "
          . "found.\n", $adGroupCriterion->criterion->text,
    } else {
      print "No keywords were found.\n";

    // Advance the paging index.
    $selector->paging->startIndex += AdWordsConstants::RECOMMENDED_PAGE_SIZE;
  } while ($page->totalNumEntries > $selector->paging->startIndex);

// Don't run the example if the file is being included.
if (__FILE__ != realpath($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) {

try {
  // Get AdWordsUser from credentials in "../auth.ini"
  // relative to the AdWordsUser.php file's directory.
  $user = new AdWordsUser();

  // Log every SOAP XML request and response.

  // Run the example.
  GetKeywordsExample($user, $adGroupId);
} catch (Exception $e) {
  printf("An error has occurred: %s\n", $e->getMessage());
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Would you be able to explain how this is used? –  KriiV 2 days ago

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