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I was wondering how to resize a div containing some text by setting a width and height so it would stretch to fill that area like an tag? E.g. when you set the width and height attribute of an image, it resizes the image to fill that area. I need to take an arbitrary width and height value and stretch a div containing text to those dimensions. I do not wish to send a request to a php script to build an image containing the text since it will be slow and affect the scalability of the web app. Oh, and I would preferably not like to use html5 because it is a requisite that I need compatibility with ie7+ (and firefox/chrome).


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Can you use jQuery? – Pekka 웃 Oct 24 '10 at 12:20
Yes, I am able to use jQuery. – Andrew Jones Oct 24 '10 at 12:21
U just want to stretch the text or increase the font size as well? – Starx Oct 24 '10 at 12:24
I want to stretch the text like an image, so if you add a width/height to the image the browser stretches the image to fill that area. I don't really care about the font size getting updated with it. – Andrew Jones Oct 24 '10 at 12:25
This is certainly not impossible, but will not be trivial either. Changing the font size is the only way to do this, so you will have to calculate the correct font size for a given string, and a given pixel width or height – Pekka 웃 Oct 24 '10 at 12:26

Ok, Here is how to do that.

However, some factors like Font Family, Division width have to be fixed, in order for this code to work.

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How will animate() help determine the correct font size needed to fit a certain string to a specific width or height? The demo used there animates to a font size and a container width, but the text is not stretched to fill the container. – Pekka 웃 Oct 24 '10 at 12:29
You have yourself given the answer to this problem in your comment so you will have to calculate the correct font size for a given string, and a given pixel width or height – Starx Oct 24 '10 at 12:35
Just to make things clearer, I need to take an arbitrary width AND height and resize the text somehow to fit the container. Setting the font size appropriately is a matter of selecting either the width OR the height, something that I cannot do. – Andrew Jones Oct 24 '10 at 12:47

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