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Is there an API in the iOS SDK that deals with text messaging?

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MessageUI.framework is what you are looking for.

You can use MFMessageComposeViewController to show system composer for sms.

The MFMessageComposeViewController class presents a standard system interface for composing SMS text messages. You use this class to configure the initial recipients and body of the message and to configure a delegate to respond to the final result.

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However, as stated in the iOS documentation:

Important: If an iOS-based device is not configured to send a given type of message, you should avoid displaying the corresponding composition interface. The view controllers in this framework provide methods for determining if support is available for a given message type.

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MessageUI.framework will work, and give you SMS and Email message capabilities


Note that this only works in iOS 4.0. Which means it will not work (currently) on the iPad.

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Note: SMS will probably never work on the iPad, by design. But your point is still valid for the general availability of the framework (i.e. email composure) on iPad devices. – Thomas Tempelmann Oct 26 '10 at 10:46

MessageUI.framework will give you ability to compose and send SMS and Emails from iphone, but as per my knowledge there is no way to access SMS or Email from you native app to your app.

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