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I am a newbie of glade/pygtk.

I am doing with some radio menu items. I created a signal handler on the signals tab,

handler: on_group_menu_change
user data: 7

what I expected is pass the int(or str) value 7 as user param to the handler. However, at startup, I found such warning:

Could not lookup object 0 on signal group_changed of object radiomenuitem1

I know gtkBuilder treat 7 as an object reference.

So how can I just pass an int/str to the handler ?

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It seems this is still on the Glade/GtkBuilder todo-list: http://live.gnome.org/Glade/Roadmap/RealUsableSignals

Currently you can only pass references to objects that you define in your xml.

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Here, "references" means the name of an object. I just figured that out after source-diving into GTK+. GtkBuilder looks for the "user data" (rendered as 'object="foo"' in XML) in the same hash table as the one it uses to find objects in gtk_builder_get_object(). –  Bernd Jendrissek Sep 8 '12 at 0:33

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