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I am using vbscript regex to find self-defined tags within a file.


Unfortunately, I am doing something wrong, so it will grab all of the text between two different tags. I know this is caused by not excluding "$]" between the pre and post tag, but I can't seem to find the right way to fix this. For example:

useless text


useless text

as one match.

I want to get


as two different matches.

Any help is appreciated.


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The RegEx is greedy and will try to match as much as it can in one go.

For this kind of matching where you have a specific format, instead of matching everything until the closing tag, try matching NOT CLOSING TAG until closing tag. This will prevent the match from jumping to the end.

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+1 That's it, worked like a charm and it works over multiple lines. –  Wade73 Oct 24 '10 at 19:02

Make the * quantifier lazy by adding a ?:


should work.

Or restrict what you allow to be matches between your delimiters:


will work as long as there is only one [$String$] section per line, and sections never span multiple lines;


checks before matching each character after a [$ that no $] follows there.

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No need to use regex. try this. If your tags are always defined by [$...$]

Set objFS = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )
Set objFile = objFS.OpenTextFile(strFile)
strContent = objFile.ReadAll
strContent = Split(strContent,"$]")
For i=LBound(strContent) To UBound(strContent)
    m = InStr( strContent(i) , "[$" )
    If  m > 0 Then
        WScript.Echo Mid(strContent(i),m) & "$]"
    End If 
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Works, but I am going to stick with the regex solution. Thanks. –  Wade73 Oct 24 '10 at 19:04

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