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Is it possible to upload a folder with browser?

I search in Google and find out that this is a browser limitation and that I must use Java Applet or Flash.

Is there any way to upload folder with Flash? I cannot get any clue about this. Is there any way to get only folder path with browser?

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It's becoming possible with use of webkitdirectory.

<input type="file" webkitdirectory directory multiple />

Though it doesn't seem to be supported by other browsers yet.

Demo: http://sapphion.com/2011/11/html5-folder-upload-with-webkitdirectory/

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webkitdirectory works in Chrome 16 –  Leif Gruenwoldt Feb 17 '12 at 19:59

See swfupload - Flash-based way to upload more than one file at once. Anyway, it is not possible to upload a folder, you can only upload all files from the folder.

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No. The "file" upload field that browser support normally can only be used to upload a single file. One file goes in one field and is uploaded at once.

You can certainly put more than one field on your form. You can even use JavaScript to add lots of fields automatically as the user uploads more files. But the user will have to browse separately to each file she wants to send you.

Using pure HTML, it is not possible to upload an entire folder with one click.

It is possible with a Flash upload script to let your user pick more than one file at a time and upload them all at once. I haven't personally heard of doing this with a Java applet, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

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It is possible to upload multiple files at a time, by drag and drop, without any browser plugins. This is a new development with HTML5 and javascript, so you'll probably need a fallback for older browsers.

It's called "HTML5 drag and drop". I've not used it yet, so I can't give you sample code, but searching for that phrase, and reading the linked Mozilla Blog article may give you some pointers.

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