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What do you use to draw iPhone ui and write iPhone requirements specification?

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I use balsamiq mockups to draw up the screens, then I write a up a page for each screen explaining behaviors

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+1 I use that too, its quite good and doesn't give the impression that the app is already finished (avoids questions like "when can you deliver, tomorrow?") –  CyberSpock Oct 24 '10 at 16:15

There are a number of stencils available out there for OmniGraffle and for Photoshop. I've used Omnigraffle before to create images and drop them into a Word or Pages document.

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Interface Builder generally to mock up a UI, and I typically write out spec informally in notes. However, if I were submitting these to other people (i.e., a contractor or subcontractor) I'd probably be using Pages or something similar to take my informal notes, and present something formal.

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