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I'm working on a location extraction algorithm but haven't achieved anything considerable yet. For example in this sentence

Riders on the B and Q lines will get some relief from construction as stations reopen, and a major project will soon begin at the Dyckman Street station.

"Dyckman Street" is location information. How we extract this information from a given sentence. (I tried to extract the words from a sentence starting with a Capital letter and search it against a db having city names, but it doesn't work always).

From where i can find an algorithm to extract this information? Thanks..

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I remember having seen this library when I was playing with Named Entity Recognition.

This Google search might be a useful source of information as well.

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This was really helpful.. Thank you.. – Nitin Agarwal Oct 25 '10 at 10:15

There are also a number of web services designed to parse geo-locations from text. For example Yahoo's PlaceMaker service at

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Thanks.. Yahoo placemaker is awesome and solved 90% of my problem. But I'll try to make this work around "Named Entity Recognition", so that i dont have to be dependent on any third party solution. – Nitin Agarwal Oct 25 '10 at 10:14

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