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Has anyone gotten a silverlight socket application to run successfully over the internet? Like have a console server that listens for client. The client uses silverlight sockets where users can go on any web browser and connect to the console server.

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Out-of-browser applications in Silverlight 4 work with sockets just fine. Our SecureBlackbox product offers implementations for various protocols (HTTPS, FTPS, SSH/SFTP, SSL/TLS) over Silverlight socket, and they work just fine. If you want to have something in browser, you need to make/modify the server to (a) listen on the port that belongs to specific port range (4502 to 4534) and (b) accept requests on another port 943 and provide a policy file. For more information about these requirements see Microsoft document.

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While I haven't had the chance or need to do so, a user group meeting I attended covered just this topic. You can watch the video of the presentation here and a copy of the code sample here.

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Try example from "Pro silverlight 4 with c#" or "Pro silverlight 3 with c#". It can be downloaded from Apress.
I have used exaple for silverlight 3 and it works fine.

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