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Is there a way to inject keystrokes into the JVM on the Android platform?

I'm looking for something like java.awt.Robot but I don't think that's available on Android


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It sounds like you need InstrumentationTestCase.sendKeys()

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This works a treat in test cases when you have properly instantiated Instrumentation object but don't try to use this in the normal running of your app, as it doesn't work. – Dave Webb Oct 24 '10 at 22:07

You can use:

$ adb -s <serialno> emu event send <event>

where the event description can be something like:

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Well I'm actually working on a Synergy port to the android ( and I think the best (and only method) for faking out keystrokes on the device itself is to write to /dev/input/uinput. However it seems this is only available with Cyanogen mod

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