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I have two applications that I would like to build into one. The first is a simple table view that drills down to a detail view when a cell is clicked. It works fine. It has a TableView and a Navigation Controller, so I can go back and forth between cells. The problem is I don't want an App that shows a table straight away! I need a main menu, so cue my next App.

My other App has three views that can be loaded by clicking a TabBar. One is called "Home". When you click "Home" it presents a view and some buttons. One of these buttons is called "Show Table"

Here is where it gets tricky:

When I click "Show Table", how do I load the TableView and the Navigation controller into the view, so I can use the table and the detail view? From some basic poking around today I can get the table to load, but I cannot get the Navigation to show, so when I click a Cell, nothing happens.

My code for the first Table view app is here:

The second App is built out of a book. Its a tab bar that can load three views when one of the tab bar buttons is pressed. What I want to do is take that button press, load a view, and from that view press a further button that would load the table above.

Any help would be great!

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Set the table view as the view of the navigation controller and on the button press call the navigation controller as a modal view. i.e. something like this:-

[self presentModalViewController:navigationController animated:YES];

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